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  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Capacity for 500 gallons
  • Disposal in registered treatment facilities

500 Gallon effluent tank

The Davlav 500 gallon effluent tank is made of a sturdy steel construction and can be cited under toilet blocks and canteens.

Lowered and secured in 3 minutes Mobile Welfare approved by VCA

The Davlav 500 gallon effluent tank

Robust, secure and safe waste tanks suitable for a variety of situations. Davlav’s Waste Tanks are of steel construction and have capacity for 500 gallons of waste, with inlets at each corner for connecting and emptying. They can be buried or sited underneath toilet blocks and canteens. We offer a first class tank emptying service. From daily to weekly, we can manage your sites waste programme.

Useful information
  • Length 3050 mm
  • Width 2450 mm
  • Depth 300 mm
  • Capacity 500 gallons