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Here’s how event sanitation will be affected by Covid

Author: Ian Cole

28 June 2020

Event Sanitation

The whole world has been made to change and will have to adapt because of Covid during this global pandemic. The event industry is one that has been hit the hardest. This is due to the nature of events involving a gathering of many people. This is prime for an outbreak of such a virus. Therefore event sanitation will need to evolve to help cope with the virus.


It is clear big changes will be needed for crowds to be able to gather in any sort of capacity again. For events to get back up and running they will need to adhere to new health and safety guidelines to be able to help control the virus. They will need to adapt and update their sanitation measures. This can be by implementing, social distancing, masks, hand sanitation stations and more. I will have a look into how these new event sanitation rules and procedures will have to be put in place because of Covid.



Due to social distancing there is going to be a need for an increase in toilet space. More toilets will need to be provided than previously to avoid congestion in these areas and in queueing. The toilets may also need to be made into one-way systems with them having a separate entrance and exit so people are not coming into close contact with one another, or perhaps even a one in one out system if this is not possible. Davlav Portable toilets are a good way of adapting to this as they are cost effective, quick and easy.


Hand Wash Stations

Not only will there need to be an increase in hand washing facilities due to the increase of toilets but there will also need to be more in general to help fight Covid. Hand washing sites should be evenly dispersed throughout the event with easy access for anybody who needs to use them. They should be set up in entrances and exits with people being made to wash their hands when entering and leaving the event and specific sites such as toilets, or food areas. These stations should provide hot water and soap or hand sanitiser (containing at least 60% alcohol) when not possible. Instructions should be provided on the correct way to wash hands (for 20 seconds, the back of the hands and in between the fingers). Davlav provides both hand wash and hand sanitiser stations.


Safe common areas for staff

As well as there being plenty of hand washing facilities for the event goers, there must also be enough for the staff. They must also be provided with safe common areas for breaks. They must be big enough for them to practice social distancing with each other. Again it should be with one way in and out systems.


Face Coverings

Maybe an obvious point but events will most likely require their attendants to be wearing a face covering. Staff will always also be expected to wear masks  in order to keep themselves and customers safe. Wearing masks is seen to be one of the most effective methods in stopping the spread of the virus.



As long as the virus is still around people will need to be vigilant at all times and it may be worth putting up signs around the venue reminding people of the symptoms and how they should not attend if showing any, perhaps sending this out beforehand in order to make sure no one showing symptoms attends. There should also be 2m social distancing signs placed about again to further remind people. Signs in general are a good way to communicate to the staff and attendees of all the measures that have been put in place for their safety.


Temperature Checks

Temperature checks are another way of stopping people with symptoms from entering the event to be able to potentially spread the virus, these should be taken on the door.


Testing Stations

In the near future when testing becomes more readily available and quicker events may be able to set up testing stations (in portable cabins which Davlav can supply) in order to test the attendees upon arrival. They may even ask attendees to have had a test in the day or two prior to the event.


Medical/First Aid Stations

As with all events a medical/first aid station will need to be provided in order to treat and care for staff and event goers who need it. This will always perhaps need to be bigger in order to adhere to social distancing with gloves and face coverings worn . There may come a point during the event in which someone begins to show symptoms of the virus. They should be sent to a designated isolated area in order to avoid a mass spread. An event specific medical response plan should be created. This is to determine how to quickly and safely to evacuate those who are showing symptoms.


Extra Cleaning

There should be an increased amount of cleaning and disinfecting that takes place before, during and after the event. There should be an added emphasis on cleaning all areas that are commonly touched such as; doorknobs, countertops, handles, sinks, taps, toilets, tables, light switches, etc. Whole areas should be disinfected if large groups of people are being moved out before more are moved in.


Ultimately for events to be up and running again a lot of changes are going to have to be made. A lot of new procedures will need to be put in place. This is to adapt to this virus and help keep the staff and attendees safe. There must be a focus on sanitation with hand washing facilities being available throughout. As well as extra cleaning being done. Social distancing must be adhered to as much as possible to stop the potential spread.


Davlav is here to help with this. We provide multiple products and services to make sure your event is as safe as possible. We can provide hand washing stations, bathrooms, welfare units and portable cabins. These can have a variety of different uses such as; first aid and testing stations. Be sure to get in contact with us