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Lockdown restrictions are finally easing – Lets hope it lasts

Author: Ian Cole

22 June 2020

Restrictions Easing

Many of the Government’s lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease up. This is as we see a fall in the rate of infection of Covid- 19 cases. Meaning many businesses are beginning re open and staff are going back to work. Most construction sites have remained open throughout. They have been able to do this by following the Government guidelines. This is in areas such as; social distancing and improved cleanliness on site such as hand washing.


Davlav have been helping sites throughout the whole lockdown in dealing with these restrictions. This has been by supplying many products and services to help with this such as our new hand sanitising stations. The demand for these products has been incredible like our portable toilets for example as many sites have needed to increase the capacity needed in order to be able to provide adequate social distancing space as well as companies that may have not previously needed portable toilets have found themselves in a position where there is no alternative. We have been doing all we can in order to help us and the construction industry remain open. Our office staff have been working from home whilst our yard staff have remained in throughout. We are hoping to now start getting our office staff back with these restrictions being lifted. This helps operatoions run a lot smoother for us when we are all working from our site.


It is important for us as an industry to uphold these standards and continue doing our best in following guidelines in order to stop the spread of the virus as it is still around and there is always the chance of their being a second spike. We have created a white book on how you can keep your site Covid safe. We have also turned this into a digestible blog post. ‘Protecting Our Construction Industry’.