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Introducing our LED Floodlights

Author: Ian Cole

08 September 2020

Here at Davlav we are always looking to expand our product range and services to fit your needs. This year has already seen us introducing products to help with the pandemic such as hand sanitiser stations. Because of this we are now offering our very own LED flood Lights, the Davlav X-Eco  Lighting Towers.


As always, we only want to offer you top of the range equipment and this is truly what the lighting towers are with them being state of the art offering numerous benefits. They are energy saving lights offering CO2 reduction (888kg per month) as well as helping you reduce fuel costs (£336 per month). This is helped by its auto start/stop light sensor which in turn leads to it having over a 200-hour runtime. These are just some of their benefits as well as their AMOS safety system and the instant light with no lamp warm up period.


The Davlav X-Eco Lighting Towers are perfect for all of your lighting needs. Keeping your site running in all hours no matter whether the sun is out or not. Check out our blog post ‘5 Factors you should consider when hiring an LED flood light ‘ for more floodlight advice.