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What will the future of events look like after this pandemic

Author: Ian Cole

22 August 2020

As more and more areas of society begin to go back to normal after lockdown, one area that is not quite ready to return to go back to the way it was before is the event industry. The very nature of events goes against social distancing and Covid protocols. Large groups of people gathering is not seen to be safe. The pandemic we find ourselves in has put a halt to all different kind of events. However this won’t last forever and we will need to find a way of getting them started once again.

Adapting to Covid

Events will need to adapt for the meanwhile to try and get people together again. The biggest changes will be the same as we have seen in the rest of society.  This will be; following social distancing rules, making sure hands are being washed and masks are being worn. Hopefully small-scale events can begin to take place at first for people to adjust to the new rules. Before slowly building back up to what they once were.

For example, there are talks to getting crowds back at sporting events. It is suggested they will start with a very limited number all wearing masks and socially distanced. Especially when entering and exiting the venue. Hand sanitiser will have to be dispersed throughout, available for everyone whenever they need some. They made need to have people tested before coming to events. This way they can ensure nobody with Covid will set foot inside the event.


There is a long road ahead but hopefully over time we can save the event industry by following all the health and safety precautions. Davlav will be here offering our products and services where needed (such as portable toilets and hand washing/sanitising stations). Be sure to check out our full blog post ‘Here’s how event sanitation will be affected by Covid.’ for more detail on how events will have to adapt in the future.