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How modular buildings have helped the NHS through this pandemic

Author: Ian Cole

22 July 2020

This year has made many of us even more thankful for the NHS. They were on the frontline fighting this virus for all of us. The whole of the NHS from the doctors to the cleaners are truly heroes. It’s hard to say how much worse this pandemic could’ve been without them. We as a country showed our gratitude by coming together and applauding our heroes every week at our doorsteps. Millions of pounds have raised and donated to support the institution. Loads of people have been doing their bit to help out the NHS with them being under mass amounts of pressure. With even 99-year-old veteran Captain Tom raising over 1.5 million himself by walking laps of his garden.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings have long been used by the NHS for a variety of uses. This is especially so in recent years when expanding. This is due to their cost-effective nature and quick construction and set up time. Meaning that more hospital beds and facilities can be built very soon after the demand is needed.

This year most NHS hospitals have been at full capacity due to the virus. Many temporary emergency  ‘Nightingale’ hospitals have been opened to help cope with high demands. Many of these used pre-existing buildings such as London’s ExCel centre. Some however have utilised modular buildings. Many hospitals used modular buildings throughout the pandemic to help with extra wards, testing stations as well as spaces for staff to isolate away from home. Davlav’s sister company Maxi Space themselves provided the NHS in Jersey with clinics, staff shower rooms and accommodation.


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