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6 ways you can create a Covid Safe construction site for everyone

Author: Ian Cole

08 May 2020

Covid safe construction sites.


The effects of the Covid – 19 pandemic have been felt by everyone and has changed everything from the way we live to the way we work across the globe. Construction sites are not excluded from this and to need to adapt to this new climate we find ourselves in. This is in order to help protect the workforce and minimise the spread of the infection. Therefore making a Covid safe work place should be a priority.


Many changes have needed to be made and will most likely have to stay in place after we return to normal life. It is vital our industry is always ever compliant with the latest government guidelines  regarding the Coronavirus.


Here at Davlav we have created a white paper that includes recommendations made by the Construction Leadership Council in their site operating procedures guide. In this blog I will cover the 6 main points covered in this document that are as followed:


  • Hand washing
  • Toilet facilities
  • Canteen and Eating facilities
  • Offices
  • Changing Facilities, Shower/Drying rooms
  • General cleanliness


The white paper includes useful ideas, tips and product recommendations to help you keep a safe and clean construction site.


  1. Hand washing

The virus is mostly transmitted through sneezes, coughs and hands carrying the virus on the skin from coming into contact with surfaces or other people. Therefore throughout the pandemic we have constantly heard how important it is to be regularly washing your hands. Of course, your site will most likely already contain hand washing stations however this may not be enough. It is recommended that additional hand washing facilities will be needed especially if it is a large site (they need to be dispersed throughout) and/or containing many personnel.

You need to ensure running water and soap are always available and topped up , hand sanitizers stations must be provided when this is not possible. These stations will need to be cleaned regularly, with soap and sanitizer levels being checked and rubbish bins available for paper towels that need to be regularly removed and disposed of. Sites must ensure they have extra supplies of soap, hand sanitiser and paper towels that are securely stored. Washing hands before and after entering the site is likely to become the norm. Davlav have developed and recommend the following products to help with this:


  • Single Sink Hand Wash Station
  • 20ft Hand Wash Station (6 Sinks)
  • 10ft Hand Wash Station (3 Sinks)
  • Sanitiser Walls


  1. Toilet facilities


Similar to washing hands whilst entering and exiting the site this should be practiced both before and after using the toilet facilities. In order to maintain social distance, it is recommended that restrictions are in place to limit the number of people allowed to use the toilets at any one time. These facilities should be cleaned on a more regular basis and should particularly focus on locks, handles and the toilet flush. Again, rubbish bins must be available for paper towels that need to be regularly removed and disposed of. It is also recommended that portable toilets should be avoided but if not possible must be cleaned and emptied more often. Davlav off portable welfare solutions that offer hot water and are an alternative to plastic construction site toilets we recommend:

  • Containex Single Toilets
  • Containex Double Toilets
  • 2 + 1Toile Blocks
  • 3 + 1 Toilet Blocks
  • Plastic 240v Hot Wash Toilets
  • Plastic 110v Warm Wash Toilet


  1. Canteen and Eating facilities


The work force must be as contained as possible reducing the chance of bringing the infection onto site. This means they should be required to stay on site once entered, not leaving for lunch recommending them to bring pre-prepare meals and refillable drinking bottles (drinking water should be provided). Dedicated Eating areas should be identified on site to avoid food waste and contamination. To help maintain social distancing breaks should be staggered to reduce congestion and contact. Again hand washing should be enforced when entering and exiting a break room with hand sanitiser being there available.

Whilst eating workers should be sat at least 2 Meters apart, avoiding all contact. Workers should clean tables in between use with all their own rubbish being disposed of. At the end of each break all areas used for eating must be cleaned including; chairs, door handles, vending machines and payment devices. Davlav can supply a range of static and mobile canteens, with the white book further detailing exactly how what would be needed in these times compared to usual depending on the size of the workforce.


  1. Offices


Offices on site are another which needs re-thinking due to social distancing. The number of people using the office at any one time maintaining a 2-metre distance must be determined based on the size of the office. Travelling around the office must be considered, only allowing one person at a time, with staff washing hands before entering and exiting with each office coming with its own hand sanitiser station. You should consider increasing the number of office facilities on site to help maintain healthy distances. Cleaning should take place at the beginning, end and throughout the day, paying extra attention to telephone, keyboards, photocopiers and any other office equipment (all being cleaned before use). Rubbish collection points should be included and emptied frequently. The white book shows the full range of mobile and static offices that Davlav offers as well as recommending what is best for you.


  1. Changing Facilities, Shower/Drying rooms


Changing Facilities, Shower/Drying rooms should follow all of the same rules as mention for the other areas including; staggering the usage of them to avoid congestion (introducing start and finish times), enhance cleaning at the beginning, end and throughout the day, increasing the amount of facilities offered and providing suitable rubbish bins that are disposed of regularly.  Davlav offers:


  • Single Showers units
  • 20ft Shower Rooms With 4 Shower Pods
  • 10ft Shower Rooms With 2 Shower Pods
  • Female Only Shower and Changing Rooms
  • Boot Wash Stations
  • 20ft, 24ft and 30ft Static Eco Spec Drying Room Units


  1. General cleanliness


Putting enhanced cleaning measures in place onsite at the beginning, end and throughout the day is essential. Before use, anything that is going to be handled should be cleaned. Including; taps, toilet flush and  seats, door handles and push plates,  handrails, lift and hoist controls, machinery and equipment controls, office equipment and food preparation and eating surfaces. We can help with this by offering: weekly services, deep cleans and sanitation, tank emptying whilst supplying liquid soap, sanitiser and paper towels.


Covid had undoubtedly changed the way we live and work forever. We all need to adapt to this new way of life. As we adjust to cleaning more, washing our hands, providing more space for workers and much more. We can work towards making our construction sites as covid safe as possible. This is for our workers and in turn all of our families. For further information and recommendations on how Davlav can help be sure to check out the full white book below.

Davlav_covid19_White book