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Protecting Our Construction Industry

Author: Ian Cole

04 May 2020

We here at Davlav have created a white book titled ‘Protecting Our Construction Industry’. In this document we offer a complete guide on how to set up and operate construction sites during this pandemic.


The document offers advice on welfare and accommodation usage, ideas and tips on how to keep your construction site clean as well as a look at some of the new products Davlav are offering to help your workforce stay safe. The main points covered, and some of the key areas that sites need to adapt to are in; hand washing, toilet facilities, canteen and eating facilities, offices, changing facilities (shower/drying rooms) and in general cleanliness.


Many of Davlav’s products and services already lend themselves to helping prevent the spread of Covid-19. These along with our new products introduced especially for this pandemic are mentioned throughout the white book with us giving several recommendations on when they might be needed. Be sure to check out the full white book.