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A guide to Hiring Portable Toilets During this Pandemic 

Author: Max Allum

14 February 2021

This pandemic has severely affected everybody around the world, changing our way of life. This includes many businesses with them all having to change how they operate, adapting to the newest rules and regulations with lockdowns, and having staff work from home. Unfortunately, this pandemic has actually even led to the end of many businesses. It is coming to a year that we have now had to live with and climatise to this virus. We thought we would look back at how portable toilets have helped out throughout. Giving a guide to how to use them safely whilst looking at how they can continue to help keep construction sites and other industries open by helping to maintain a safe and clean work environment.


Here at Davlav we have over 27 years of experience and are UKs leading supplier of welfare facilities, providing over 30,000 mobile toilet units each year.  We have been supplying portable toilets and welfare facilities long before Covid-19 and will continue to do so long afterwards. Throughout this pandemic we have remained open supplying much needed products and services to our customers. This is so they can also remain open, as many of them on sites are unable to have their workers work from home. We have even introduced a few new products to help fight this virus such as our hand washing and hand sanitising stations.

For more health and safety tips when hiring toilets check out this blog post here.

What toilets are available?

It has been recommended that single portable chemical toilets should not be used at all where possible. This is due to them being seen as more unhygienic and easier to spread the virus than other alternatives. For many they may be unavoidable due to a variety of reasons. Such as budget constraints and their need for a running water supply. There are ways of making these toilets more hygienic, giving them greater protection against the virus. We will get to these but first we will look at the range products with their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Single Chemical Toilet with Standard Waste Flush – These are our most popular toilets for when connection to a mains power or water supply is not available. They come with a flush and a hand wash.


  • Mains Connected Toilet – Fresh flush units and can be connected to mains and water supply.


  • Single Chemical Toilet with Warm Water Hand Wash – More hygienic with a warm water hand wash, giving a greater chance of killing the virus.


  • Single Chemical Toilet Hot Water Hand Wash – Higher voltage and therefore provided hotter water for a deeper hand wash.


  • Eco A/V Toilet Blocks – These are great for longer projects and are environmentally friendly. These have dual flush ceramic toilet bowls with freshwater tanks giving periodical refills along with proper built in sinks providing a more hygienic and clean experience. These along with the PVC anti slip vinyl flooring make it easier for the toilets to be sanitised and cleaned. However, the disadvantage of these is that you would not be able to have multiple people inside due to social distancing.


  • Disabled Toilets – Disabled toilets are also available on request. They too have the option being connected to mains water and power supply.

All of our toilets are serviced weekly making sure they are emptied and kept clean. All our toilets can be adjusted to showcase your organisation’s corporate colours including customised contact details, brand logos or other advertising.

How to make these Covid safe.

There are a few ways of increasing the safety of these toilets to help protect your staff from the virus. We have actually created a full whitepaper titled ‘Protecting Our Construction Industry’. This is summarised in the blog ‘6 ways how you can create a Covid Safe construction site for everyone’. Be sure to check these out for further information of how you can keep your construction site Covid safe beyond just the toilets.

Increased Hand Washing Stations

As mentioned, we now supply hand washing and hand sanitising stations for you to place around your site. Although the toilets themselves have sinks inside it is important to have some around the toilet area. They should wash their hands before entering the toilets and after leaving to avoid the virus from spreading on anything they touch such as the door handle.


Along with every hand washing station there should be signs for people to follow instructing them on exactly how to wash their hands, for 20 seconds reminding them of getting all the key areas such as the back of the hands and in between fingers.

The toilets should also be sign posted reminding people to flush the toilet and close the seat.  These are great ways of eliminating the chance of the virus spreading through particles and bacteria.

Increased cleaning

The toilets will be serviced weekly, this however is not enough to keep them clean. They should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis; a toilet cleaning rota could be created to ensure this is being done. When being cleaned all the stock levels should be checked such as the soap, sanitiser, disinfectant, toilet roll and paper towels. The bins should also be emptied.

Increased Number of Toilets

You will want to increase the number of toilets that you provide to minimise congestion. This is to avoid any queues forming from multiple people needing to go at once. This is as you cannot have large numbers of people gathering in one area.

One Way System

If you have multiple toilets in a row or them all in one area, a one-way system should be implemented with users entering the area from one side and exiting the other. This will stop them from passing each other and with help them remain 2M apart.

Non-Construction Needs

Due to this virus many other businesses that would not usually have the need for a portable toilet may now require them. For example, many offices are now expanding to have modular offices. These were built in order for their staff to be able to practice social distancing. They may then require toilets for these.

Portable toilets have remained in demand during this pandemic. We have continued to provide them making sure they are as safe as can be. No matter what your needs are, we’re here to provide you with portable toilets and all your welfare needs. Be sure to get in contact to get any further information.