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Check out our band new cranes, these will be extremely helpful!

Author: Max Allum

06 February 2021

We are excited this month as we have gotten two new Palfinger Cranes. These will be extremely beneficial to us around our yard making us more efficient and productive. They are able to lift and fit all of our products such as our welfare units and hand washing stations. This makes them a lot easier to transport. Previously we have only had access to forklifts and telehandlers. Although these do the job in moving the units around the yard it means having to rely on others to transport them to and from the yard. This is no longer the case as with these Palfinger Cranes we are able to transport our supplies ourselves.

This is also extremely beneficial to our company Maxi Space. It means the modular units can be transported which we have not been able to do ourselves before. In the past we have also been using external companies for this. Check out the full Maxi Space site here.


Hopefully as we continue to grow, we will expand our fleet becoming more equipped with Palfinger cranes and other equipment which means in turn we will be more efficient and productive for our customers, not having to rely on anyone else.

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