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Here is why Davlav’s welfare facilities compete with the best in the UK

Author: Ian Cole

14 February 2020

Davav has long been recognised as leading suppliers of portable toilets. But we also provide some of the best welfare units in the country. Offering a range of different options to choose from. They are all: spacious, well equipped (with your choice of offices, canteens, dryers, toilets), heated, HSE compliant, vandal resistant and can be static or mobile.

Different types of facilities

We have 9 different welfare facilities to choose from. I will talk you through them below, showing the advantage of each and why it may be the unit for you. But first let me explain the difference between static and mobile welfare units. Static welfare cabins are often chosen for long-term development and engineering works, as they provide the same features of our mobile welfare, however when put into position, remain more stable than any towable unit. Self-contained welfare units are designed to remain in a fixed position.

Davlav’s catalogue holds an extensive range of static welfare units for hire nationwide. Static welfare units from DAVLAV are all compliant with Health and Safety regulations, creating the provision of adequate facilities that contribute to the utmost welfare, safety and comfort of the site workers.


SW6100F Fusion


The SW6100F Fusion is a reliable static welfare unit offering the highest levels of robustness. All while being environmentally friendly and easy to use, just like a standard unit.

They are easy to install on location. Our SW6100F Fusion static welfare unit is a market-leading efficient product. It allows for a quick start of your crew on site. It has many great features including a separate canteen alongside, benched seating. This can accommodate up to 8 of the site staff. There is also a drying room and bathroom area.


Use of eco efficient welfare units can lead to significant cost savings. This is throughout the course of your building project. Whether it is a large construction site or smaller house improvement project. Eco friendly welfare units offer:

  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Fewer number of breakdowns
  • Notably reduced noise pollution
  • Carbon monoxide monitor
  • Greatly reduced carbon footprint.


First Aid Unit


Our mobile first aid units offer space for the treatment of patients on stretchers or seated. The treatment room is lined in wipe clean scratch resistant composite laminate and trimmed.

It features a treatment couch, wall mounted storage system with fitted locking cupboard and drawer, work surface with sink and mixer tap with instant hot water delivery system. This enables the crew to cope with any on site emergency they are presented with.


Having its own electricity generator and supply of drinking water, it is suitable for use on construction sites without services in place.


SPU20 Standard Starter Unit


The SPU20 is a static welfare unit, suitable for accommodating up to 8 people, therefore providing a pleasant and safe working environment.

Once lifted into position, they provide a vandal resistant facility and can come with a number of additional money saving features, additionally the generator can be used to power tools, due to its larger 10KVA diesel generator.

GP500 + GP 600D Fusion Towable Welfare Units


The GP500 mobile welfare office offers cost savings as the warm water and heating is supplied by an on-board system which does not require the generator to run.

The generator will only be required for microwave and kettle. GP500 Fusion Range.

The units are suitable for accommodating ten persons, which provides pleasant and safe working environments, ideal for rental companies and contractors. They are easily towed, one-man operations and can be secured and maneuvered on site, in less than 3 minutes. Its’ many safety features make it a highly secure and money saving choice of welfare unit.


The GP500 Fusion Welfare Unit includes a double axle, canteen only whereas the GP600D Fusion Welfare Unit includes a canteen and office

SWO7600F Fusion Static Welfare Unit


The SWO7600F Fusion welfare unit offers the legendary robustness and ease of use of the standard unit but provides a green environmental solution.

Giving end users savings by way of reduced fuel usage, fewer breakdowns and massively reduced noise pollution.


Davlav has a range of Static Welfare Units for hire which provide all the features of the mobile welfare units but remain in a fixed position, ideal for longer construction projects. The units comply with all Health and Safety regulations and provide facilities to ensure the comfort and welfare of the users.

SW6100 Standard Static Welfare Unit


The SW6100 welfare unit is lightweight and compact. It meets HSE requirements and provides all your on-site needs in one compact cost-effective package. The units are suitable for accommodating eight staff – rest assured, a safe and comfortable working environment will be provided for the crew on your construction or engineering site.


Once lifted into position, our static welfare units are vandal resistant and offer spacious and comfortable accommodation for those working on site (table and seating for up to 8 of the crew). Davlav Ltd offer an extensive range of static welfare units for hire for construction sites, railway and telecom companies, security crews, minor and major building projects across the nation.


SP360 Welfare Unit


The SP360 Fusion welfare unit offers the legendary robustness and ease of use of the standard unit. However it also provides a greener environmental solution. It has reduced fuel costs and carbon footprint to help for a greener environment. This, making it ideal for the city and densely populated areas. They are lightweight and compact. This means they meet HSE requirements. Therefore providing all your on-site needs in one compact cost effective package.


GP360D Welfare Unit


The single axle GP360D  unit is a lightweight and compact towable unit that meets HSE requirements and provides all your on-site needs in one small package. The units are suitable for accommodating six persons, which provides pleasant and safe working environments, ideal for all contractors.



GP360 Fusion Welfare Unit


The GP360 Fusion Unit provides all the benefits of the standard unit plus many Eco features. This is to reduce running costs and carbon footprint.

It is a lightweight and compact towable unit, that meets HSE requirements. It provides all your on-site needs in one small package. The unit can be run for 2 hours to gain 8 hours’ worth of heating and lighting. After 2 hours the unit will stop. However the heating and lighting will continue to run. Therefore saving money on fuel usage and reducing noise pollution.


The GP360 complies with Health and Safety regulations. This guarantees certain facilities for contractors working on site. These include: sanitary conveniences, washing facilities, access to drinking water, accommodation for drying and changing clothes, and an area for rest and eating. GenQuip welfare units are approved for use on the UK rail network. They are each supplied with a current electrical installation test certificate.


Our welfare units are as good as you can get. We have all different kinds for whatever your needs each with their own range of benefits to you. Check out our full range here.


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