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Introducing Maxi Space our modular construction company

Author: Ian Cole

22 February 2020

Maxi Space is a modular unit company powered by Davlav that offers complete modular building solutions from concept to completion and everything in between.


We are aiming towards making the name Maxi Space as synonymous with modular buildings as Davlav is with portable toilets. Maxi space allows you to maximise the space of the footprint you are building on, giving the option to creating buildings for all kinds of environments and uses including spaces for working and living such as; offices, accommodation, show and sale rooms, educational and health care facilities plus much more.


Modular buildings offer many benefits with them being both extremely cost and time effective as well as being adaptable and customisable, a lot of industries are turning to modular buildings for solutions, EG. accommodation, businesses, schools and hospitals.


We follow a tried and tested 7 step approach to ensure we build and deliver a great product every time:

  1. Consultation
  2. On-site Survey
  3. Drawing & Plans
  4. Build and installation
  5. Project Management
  6. After Sale Care
  7. On Going Support


Be sure to check out the Maxi Space website or more information on our site.  Take a look at the full range of products and services available and see how we can help.