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Weekly servicing of our toilets and welfare units.

Author: Max Allum

05 February 2022

Weekly Servicing


Not only do we just supply a variety of products to help out on construction sites and beyond. but we offer services we these to help with their maintenance and upkeep. We offer weekly servicing (in some cases more regularly) on all of our toilets and welfare units.


We have a dedicated team of drivers to clean and empty any waste from the toilets.  In our expansive fleet of tankers they work around the clock servicing our products. The services relate to all of our toilets whether portable, in a welfare unit, a or part of a toilet block.


The servicing process starts with removing any waste from the toilet through a hose connected to our tanker. The driver will then refresh the toilets magical blue liquid. They will top it up with fresh water before then sanitising the area to disinfect it and then wiping it down.  When servicing the toilets, our team also restock and replenish any bathroom items such as soap and toilet roll. Finally they will fill out a waste transfer note which is a legal requirement for both us and the customer.  The drivers will work anywhere between 15-25 jobs in a day. All depending on the size and the locations of the job. At the end of the day they will empty their tankers at a waste management center.


It is highly important that all of our toilets remain as clean and sanitised as possible. This is for everyone who uses them, be it staff or site visitors. If your toilets look as though they need servicing before the week is over you can request an extra servicing visit. Ensuring that your toilets stay safe for everyone.


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