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Introducing the Solarlav – Our new LED lit solar power toilets

Author: Max Allum

22 January 2022

Introducing the Solarlav


We are starting 2022 off with introducing our latest product, the Solarlav. The Solarlav toilets is similar to our other portable toilets however there is a key difference. The difference being the inclusion of a internal LED light which uses solar power. The light is charged with a powerful 3W solar panel which is connected to a lithium battery. The light will provided up to 240 light activations on any one evening.  Check out the full product page here.



The lighting in our toilets bring many advantages. The light is especially useful in these winter months with the natural daylight being limited. It means workers will be able to go to toilet with ease no matter the time of day. In some cases meaning they can then work throughout the night. Possibly saving time and money in the process. It means no external lighting will be needed around the toilet area in order for workers to use them.


The solar powered nature of these toilets means that they are extremely environmentally friendly. No external power source is needed for the light. The UK is set to become a net zero country by 2050. Net zero emissions means that all company’s must balance out the amount of carbon emissions they are producing. Using solar power energy is one way of doing this. You can read more about solar power on the national grids website here.


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