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Covid 19 fears – How bad will the situation get?

Author: Ian Cole

22 March 2020

This global pandemic we happen to find ourselves in appears to be getting worse and worse. The Covid 19 situation continues to change with talks of a possible nationwide lockdown coming into place. We here at Davlav look to continue to help serve our clients. We want to ensure their construction sites are as safe as possible. Therefore they should be able to remain open and to not  lose out on any business.


We are aiming to help keep construction safe and open. Our hand washing stations of course have been in high demand due to the Government’s advice on handwashing. They are saying that it is key to killing the virus. We are now also offering single hand sanitiser stations. This is so these can be dispersed throughout the site for workers to wash their hands as often as possible. Especially before and after entering toilets and break rooms.


Social distancing of 2 meters is recommended to help contain the spread of the Covid 19 virus. It is important this is followed where possible on site. Especially in areas that could get heavily populated such as toilets and break rooms. It may be worth increasing the amount of the toilets and break rooms you have. Alternatively making sure staff do not have their breaks together.


Hopefully by complying to the recommended Government safety guidelines such as hand washing and social distancing construction sites can avoid having to be shut down if a national lockdown is implemented.

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