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National Lockdown

Author: Ian Cole

22 April 2020

We are currently in the midst of a national lockdown with it unclear of when this will come to an end. There was some confusion as to whether construction sites could remain open and if they classed as ‘essential work’, many of course have been allowed to as long as it is safe to do so with social distance being practised. It is advised that if any tasks cannot be performed safely due to this then it should not be, and that health and safety requirements are not compromised.


Davlav has remained open, continuing to serve our clients and keeping their construction sites running as safely as possible. We ourselves have had to adapt with our office staff now of course working from home. Our yard still remains open with our drivers continuing their hard work delivering Davlav’s products and services throughout the country. We have begun to work on a white book titled ‘Protecting Our Construction Industry’ in which we will detail numerous ways in which we can keep construction sites safe and open in compliance with government guidelines.