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Cyber Security: Cyber Essentials Certificate

Author: Max Allum

09 November 2021

 Being safe online.


As the world has become increasingly reliant on online services it is important for everybody to stay safe. This being for both the businesses and their customers that use their site. Staying safe in this sense would be preventing any cyber threats, or attacks that could lead to data theft. Cyber security was once thought to be an issue only for organisations. We have increasingly seen that it can affect the general public also. This digital information could be anything from financial to personal records. Information such as bank account details, phone numbers and email addresses.


Cyber threats will only continue to grow with our presence online. Cyber security is an area that we have been paying close attention to. Ensuring the protection of everybody and their data on our site is a key priority. Because of this, we are Cyber Essentials certified.


Cyber Essentials Certified


In order for our site to be as secure as possible we have worked with the Governments National Cyber Security Network to earn ourselves a Cyber Essentials certification. Meaning we follow a set of five basic technical controls for security. This certification helps us in protecting ourselves and clients from a wide variety of cyber attacks. This could be from a very weak cyber threat to something more sinister. This Government backed scheme is supported by cyber security industry professionals.


The five technical controls:


These are five simple tips any company can do to help protect themselves from basic attacks. As used in the certification.


  1. Use a firewall
  2. Choose secure settings
  3. Limit who has access to data and services
  4. Be protected from viruses and malware
  5. Update devices and software


Without any basic cyber security, sites leave themselves vulnerable to attacks. Cyber criminals are able to easily spot unprotected sites and will target them. Cyber Essentials protects us from the most common attacks. The majority of these attacks come from people targeting sites without Cyber Essentials as they are an easier target. Their site describes it as:


‘They’re the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked.’


The Cyber Essentials certificate is essentially locking the door.


For more information on the Governments Cyber Essentials certificate follow the link below:


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