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New Stock – 100 brand new toilets ready for our customers!

Author: Max Allum

23 November 2021

100 New toilets

We here at Davlav are continuously growing and evolving. We are always looking to renew and replenish our stock of products whenever we can. That is why we’re excited to say we have recently acquired 100 brand new single chemical plastic toilets.


This obviously brings with it some great benefits. We are able to provided more customers at any one time. Therefore making it even less likely we will run out of stock during our busy periods. This is good news for our customers too as they know we will have plenty of supply’s and won’t have to worry. Although the rest of our stock is in great condition, it is always nice to brand new toilets in immaculate condition.


These single chemical plastic toilets are one of our most popular products. They are a staple of our business. We have been supplying customers with these for nearly thirty years now. So it is good to know they are as popular as ever, enough for us to need to increase the amount we stock. We are always replenishing these whenever necessary. Older stock is not however thrown out as waste. We know this is not good for the environment. We often fix and reuse any broken toilets, ready for use again. Old toilets that we no longer need are often recycled. For example not too long ago we donated 50 toilets to the Field of Dreams community farm in Suffolk. You can read more about that here, along with others ways we donated to charities and help out with our local communities.

Our portable toilets are extremely lightweight and are easily transported across site. They are well ventilated, robust and require low maintenance. Check out our full range of portable toilets here. This includes our classic single chemical toilet along with wheelchair accessible and our newer steel mains connected units.