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Going green – our goal to become carbon neutral

Author: Max Allum

17 October 2021

Davlav Go Green!


We’ve always done our bit here to try and be as green as possible and help out with the environment in whatever way we can. This is through areas such as recycling old stock like when we donated 50 toilets to a local community farm. Which you can read about here.  However, like many businesses it is clear that there is much more to be done. The planet is dying and we need to try and save it before it’s too late. That is why we are now on a mission to become carbon neutral.  We will be aiming to do this so we can reduce our footprint on the planet and counteract any negative impact we may be having on the environment.


Carbon Neutral


Being carbon neutral means that a company works out how much carbon they are producing and balance this by compensating for their emissions. Essentially by producing as much carbon (or other greenhouse gases) to go into the atmosphere as that of what we would be removing/blocking.


The goal is to offset the damage we may have been doing to the planet. This can be done by putting measures in place to combat greenhouse gases by increasing the amount in the atmosphere. An example of this could be by planting trees. However simply creating more greenhouse gases doesn’t solve the issue and make you carbon neutral. You also need to put measures in place to reduce the amount of carbon you are emitting into the atmosphere. Ways of doing this could include using renewable energy such as solar polar or electric vehicles. We must be cutting back on all emissions along with buying carbon offsets. to become truly carbon neutral.


How will we do this at Davlav?


In order to make sure we here at Davlav can become carbon neutral we know that we are going to need some help. The way we plan on doing this is by working with the company Climate Partner.  They are a organisation set up exclusively to help businesses meet their goals in becoming carbon neutral.  Previous companies that have used their services before include: Aldi, DHL, Nestle, Canon and many more.


Their 5 steps to fight global warming;


  1. Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) – Allows a company to understand their carbon emissions based on their current business activities.
  2. Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) – This is a lifecycle analysis on the greenhouse gas emissions of a product/service.
  3. Reducing Carbon Emissions – They create a climate action strategy.
  4. Offsetting Carbon Emissions – To create carbon neutrality.
  5. Communicating With Transparency – Help companies to communicate how they are doing this.


Climate Partner are able to calculate our current carbon footprint and then will offer a climate action solution. The solution takes into account how much carbon we produce. By doing this they can help us to work towards the goal of becoming carbon neutral. The climate action plan will detail what steps we can take to both reduce our own footprint as well as what offsetting measures we can introduce. They will present these strategies and then help us to implement these.


Some of their solutions include:

  • Green energy
  • Technology integrations
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Science based targets
  • Planting trees without compensation


If you are looking for any more information on Climate Partner check out their full website here. 


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