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Here’s a look at our new and improved tanker services

Author: Max Allum

15 July 2021

Not too long ago we made a blog post spotlighting our tanker services here. Since then we have revamped our tanker services and now offer a lot more solutions for your waste management problems. We thought we should giver you a brief look into each of these services.

Our many services are split into three main categories these being:

  1. Tank Emptying
  2. Water Services
  3. Hazardous Waste Services

I will take a look at each of these breaking down which services each category offers.

Tanker Service – Tank Emptying

Tank Emptying

We have a big fleet of tankers and a highly skilled team to deal with any waste disposal matter. We are able to correctly identify, collect, dispose of, and then record the waste, recycling it where possible. With this comes many different services such as; liquid waste disposal, septic tank emptying, cesspit emptying, effluent disposal, catch pit drainage and bentonite slurry removal. It is important that waste is disposed of correctly, following various rules and regulations. This is in order to protect the environment and surrounding areas.

Liquid waste disposal – This of course refers to  various kinds of liquid waste that need to be either recycled or disposed of. Some of these include: drain clearance, sewage removal, flood water and much more.

Septic Tank & Cesspit Emptying – Septic tanks and cesspits need to be kept well maintained and frequently emptied. If not done so it could lead to all kinds of complications.

Industrial Effluent Disposal – Large scale effluent could include; chemicals, detergents, fat, oil and grease plus, more.

Catch Pit Waste Disposal – Catch Pits need regular maintenance in order for them to be doing their job as efficiently as possible.

Bentonite and Drilling Mud Removal – Bentonite Waste and drilling mud needs to be removed and disposed with in a quick manner due to the potential hazards they could cause.

Effluent Tanks – We stock a range of Effluent tanks that are available for hire/sale. They can come in various sizes with you having the choice between steel and plastic tanks.

To see further detail about any of our tank emptying services click here.

Tanker Service -Water Supply

Water Supply

We can supply any water our customers may need no matter the quantity. We have access to large amounts and with our highly skilled team and large fleet of tankers we are able to provide you with many different solutions.

Water Bowser Hire – Water bowsers can have a variety of different purposes and can come in a range of different sizes. They are perfect for many situations due to their transportable nature.

Water Tanks – We supply large water tanks for a supply of water on site. These tanks can come in a range of sizes and have a variety of uses.

Temporary Water Supply – This is for when our customers may loose connection to their mains supply of water.

Bulk Water Supply – We are able to supply large quantities of clean, drinking, and non-potable water.

Drinking Water Supply – Just because water is clean it does not necessarily means its is safe for human consumption. As well as just clean water we also stock and are able to provide, safe drinking water to our customers.

Water Tanker Hire – Due to the fact we provide many different water supply services, we have a large fleet of water tankers in various sizes. We hire out some of these directly to our customers.

To see further details about our water supply services see here.

Tanker Service – Hazardous Waste Services

Hazardous Waste

It is extremely important that hazardous waste is collected and disposed of correctly. This is in order to protect the environment by following various waste regulations, with all waste being recorded. This waste can potentially cause harm to the public, wildlife, and the environment. This is why we offer the following services.

Hazardous Waste Disposal – We can take care of any hazardous waste our customers may have through the whole process from start to end. We will identify, collect, dispose, and record it.

Oil Tank Removal  – Oil tanks are notorious hard to deal with, however with our highly skilled eam we are able to do this with ease.

Drum & IBC Waste Removal – This service will remove any waste that has been stored in drums or IBC’s (intermediate bulk containers).

For more information on our hazardous waste services please click here.

With all of our services we cover a range of bases. Providing services to commercial sectors, industrial and even domestic.