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Product Spotlight – Boot Wash Station

Author: Max Allum

28 July 2021

Boot Wash Station

We here at Davlav are known mostly for our portable toilets and welfare units. However, this is not all we do as we also provide many other products and services. These cover a range of needs on site from hand washing stations to liquid waste removal. One product you may not know that we stock, that could be a big help to your site would be our boot wash stations.

Why does your site need a boot wash station?

These stations are great for cleaning any boots or shoes that have collected all kinds of dirt off the site. Your staff and any visitors will be able to make their footwear spotless, perfect for entering clean zones such as offices and welfare units. Without having a proper boot cleaning station all kinds of dirt and mess could be walked through clean zones, giving more unnecessary work to whoever is responsible for cleaning. The boots could also be carrying hazardous material, that you would not want inside.

Boots should not only be cleaned as they are worn into clean areas. Ideally, they should be cleaned every time anyone is leaving the work site. This is for workers own sake, keeping their vehicles and homes clean. It is also for the sake of the environment as mentioned some sites contain hazardous materials that could be damaging to the environment. A simple act of cleaning boots could help in protecting the local environment. There may even be strict restrictions in certain areas which prohibit any of these materials from leaving site.

Having multiple boots washing stations around at entrances to buildings and at the exit of the site will encourage workers to use them.

How they work

The stations feature a state-of-the-art brush design with reinforced rubber water hose and sprinkler nozzles cleaning off all the dirt and dust. They are available in 2, 3 or 5 bay formations but can be custom built to your needs. It is possible for them to run off of mains water or to be supplied with their own water tank and pump. In which case a maintenance service can be provided to make sure they are functioning at 100% at all times. They feature a removable grid which makes them extremely easy to clean when they have gotten too dirty. They are heavy duty so will not be easily broken or destroyed by any workers and their boots. The stations are quick and easy to install (and then later uninstalled), causing little to no disruption in the area which they will be implemented.

Get in contact

Be sure to get into contact with us for further details on our boot wash stations and book yours today! We are always happy to talk through our product range to see how we can help. If you have any questions about any other products/services of ours please let us know. Equally we are always listening to suggestions. If there are any other products/services you would like to see us provide in the future.


We will continue to do more product spotlights in the future. This is to give some further details on some of our lesser-known products and services.  Such as our LED Flood lights HERE.