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2021 – A New Year, the same Davlav

Author: Max Allum

01 January 2020

Just as everyone else here at Davlav we had hoped that things would have returned to back to something resembling more normal by 2021. Unfortunately, it has not been a great start to the year with us going back into a national lockdown and infection rates being higher than they ever have been due to the new strain. It is not all doom and gloom however as the more and more vaccines are beginning to be rolled out.


2021 will be our now 28th year in service, we will continue to provide outstanding service to all our customers as the leading supplier of portable toilets and welfare units across the UK. Again we would like to thank our customers and all our hardworking staff for making it through the tough year that was 2020. We aim to continue helping through 2021 and this pandemic wherever we can be that with our hand sanitising stations or with our welfare units. Our hope is that constructions sites will continue to stay open throughout now that we have learnt how to adapt with the situation with measures such as hand washing and socially distancing.


Again, we wish our sister company Maxi Space will continue to succeed in helping out during this pandemic too. With supplying more places with modular buildings to be able to socially distance and crate safe spaces. Whether that is withs schools, offices or with hospitals and the NHS.


The pandemic has not gone away yet, but neither have we so we will continue to provide assistant wherever it may be. If you are need in of any of our products/services please do get in contact with us here.