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  • Solar powered LED light
  • Auto movement light
  • Up to 240 activations in any 24 hours


Davlav Solarlav solar lit portable toilet

Super quick delivery, ready to use, self contained unit

Our Solarlav portable toilets come with a solar powered internal light. The light is charged with a powerful 3W solar panel connected to a lithium battery. The light provides up to 240 light activations in any 24 hours and will even provide reliable light during the UK winter months.

Lowered and secured in 3 minutes Mobile Welfare approved by VCA

Solarlav portable toilet

With Davlav, all chemical units are supplied and installed on-site in safe and timely manner, with a weekly service included.

Useful information
  • Dimensions H 2328 x W 1118 x D1219 mm
  • Weight 75KG
  • Standard tank volume 265L
  • Door Opening 1854 x 610 mm

Spacious, well ventilated with auto movement light

Suitable for all sizes of projects, the single chemical toilet c/w with cold water hand wash features:
Mobile welfare ground plan
  • Spacious, well ventilated with auto movement light
  • Light remians on for 90 seconds after unit has been vacated
  • Theft resistant, powerful and waterproof