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  • Robust steel construction
  • Various capacities
  • Tank emptying service available

Effluent tank

We stock a range of Effluent tanks that are available for hire/sale. They can come in various sizes with you having the choice between steel and plastic tanks. These tanks are great for our welfare units and toilet blocks to collect any waste that comes along with them, fitting comfortably underneath them. They are able to be buried if needed.

Lowered and secured in 3 minutes Mobile Welfare approved by VCA

Plastic & Steel tanks

Plastic Tanks

Plastic tanks are more lightweight meaning they are more easily transported to and from its destination, making them a more flexible option. They offer many other great features such as being stackable and linkable, having built in lifting handles, sealed access points preventing any potential spills and odours, plus many more.  

Steel Tanks

Steel tanks are heavier so may not be as easily transported as the plastic tanks. However, they are stronger so will be a better option for more long-term permanent needs. Some of their other advantages include large inspection hatches (making waste removal easy), can be linked together, alarms to alert of you of when it is full, plus many more.

We also offer tank cleaning as well as waste removal services. If you are looking for any further information on what tank would be right for you or a quote, be sure to get in contact to see how we can help.