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  • Low maintenance
  • Well ventilated interior
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Flat floor system for easy access and use


Davlav Chemical Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilet

Our spacious and well ventilated wheelchair accessible portable toilets come with a patented flat floor system, making usability easy and comfortable. All sanitary ware and handles are fitted at accessible heights for comfort and ease of use

Lowered and secured in 3 minutes Mobile Welfare approved by VCA

The Davlav single wheelchair accessible portable toilet

With ease of use due to the adaption of height for all sanitaryware and fittings and with a patented flat floor system to ensure easy access, our wheelchair accessible portable toilets are an ideal way to ensure everyone has access to well ventilated, fit for purpose toilets on your site. With Davlav, all chemical units are supplied and installed on-site in safe and timely manner, with a weekly maintenance option available. What’s more; our portable toilets can be adjusted to showcase your organisation’s corporate colours including customised contact details, brand logos or other advertising.

Useful information
  • Dimensions 1575 x 1575 x 2220
  • Weight 113KG
  • Standard tank volume 132L
  • Door width 830mm
  • Seat Height 483mm
  • Door Height 2050mm

Spacious, well ventilated wheelchair accessible portable toilet

Suitable for all sizes of projects, the Davlav wheelchair accessible toilet with hand wash features:
Mobile welfare ground plan
  • Large 132L straight drop tank
  • Flat floor system for easy wheelchair manoueverability
  • Wheelchair height adjusted seat and sanitary ware and fixtures and fittings
  • Weekly service included