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Septic Tank & Cesspit Emptying

Septic tanks and cesspits need to be kept well maintained and frequently emptied. If not done so it could lead to all kinds of complications including; a nasty smell, a leak, environmental damage, sink holes, toilets taking a long time to flush, grass, plants and flowers growing rapidly, soakway or even overflowing of water sludge or scum on the water. Not to mention if it is left long enough without being emptied or maintained the damage could be irreversible. This then causing you to have to buy a new tank completely which could be very expensive and an avoidable cost.

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Davlav Services

We understand the importance of their maintenance, this is why offer complete emptying services. We offer industrial, commercial, and domestic services making sure we cover you no matter the size of tank. Using our services is extremely cost effective in the long term.

How often do they need emptying?

How frequently your cesspit or septic tank needs servicing will depend on; the size of your tank, how often it is used, and what it is used for (is there more potential for blockages?).  Some domestic tanks may only need emptying every few years, whereas some could need to be emptied every 6 months. We will be able to determine this for you on a case by case basis. 


We are fully licensed with all the necessary accreditations in line with the environmental agency for liquid waste disposal (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001). Whilst also holding many other accreditations such as Achilles, Alcumus Safe contractor, NAPIT, FORS, UK Spill Association, Constructionline and CHAS.   If you are looking for any further information or a quote, be sure to get in contact to see how we can help.

Delivering quality as standard

Our tank emptying and non potable water refill services offer the following benefits as standard: