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  • Robust steel construction
  • 800 gallon capacity
  • Safe waste tanks

Davlav mobile waste tanks

Davlav 800 Gallon Effluent Tank

The Davlav 800 gallon effluent tank is made of a sturdy steel construction and can be cited under toilet blocks, kitchens, canteens and welfare units.

Lowered and secured in 3 minutes Mobile Welfare approved by VCA

The Davlav 800 gallon Effluent tank

Effluent tanks for hire with Davlav are robust, solid and secure waste tanks that can be installed to suit various situations. Waste tanks we hire are steel constructions and bear the capacity for 800 gallons of liquid waste, with vents located at each corner of the tank to allow for easy emptying. Our effluent waste tanks can be allocated underneath toilet and shower blocks, kitchenette ares, canteen cabins with water basins and all types of welfare units. The measurements of our temporary effluent tanks are: 12 foot (length) x 8 foot (width) and 1.5 foot (depth), therefore can be sited underneath most of types of site cabins and toilets.

Useful information
  • Length Available upon request
  • Width Available upon request
  • Depth Available upon request
  • Capacity 800 gallons