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Boot Wash Station

Boot cleaning stations for construction staff

Boot Wash Station

A boot wash station is used on sites where staff and site visitors need to clean their shoes and boots before entering any clean-zones. They are meant to be standalone boot cleaning stations that are very easy to install. 

The multi-bay boot wash station comes in 2, 3 or 5 bay formations, but these can also be custom-built as needed. They feature a removable grid for easy cleaning and can run off mains water but can also be supplied with its own water tank and pump, in which case maintenance can be provided as a service. 

The boot wash station comes with an innovative brush design, reinforced rubber water hose and sprinkler nozzles to ensure a spotless entry into designated clean areas.

Davlav is a market leader in the world of boot wash station suppliers in the UK, with more than 25 years of experience delivering grade ‘A’ site accommodation welfare facilities across the nation.

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    Multi Bay Boot Wash Station

    It's now easier than ever for your staff and site visitors to clean their boots with the Davlav multi bay boot wash station. With its innovative brush design, this heavy duty facility will ensure shoes and boots are spotless before entering any clean zones.

    Key Features

    • Easy install, standalone boot cleaning unit
    • Available in 2 Bay, 3 Bay and 5 Bay formations