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2022 A new year and new goals for Davlav

Author: Max Allum

04 January 2022



We are all back in the office and the yard now after our well deserved Christmas holidays! It was especially good for us all this year due to not being able to see our friends and family because of the pandemic the year prior. So far 2022 is already starting out better than 2021. As although Covid infection numbers are rising hospital patient numbers do not appear to be getting as bad as before. Meaning we should avoid any further lockdowns and restrictions.


Last year saw us make some great strides. We continued to grow, added some new products and services such as our pal finger cranes. Whilst improving in areas such as our revamped tanker services. This year we are hoping to continue to do this, growing our business taking care of our customers whilst making many more.




Some goals that we are aiming for in 2022 (some the same as always) include:


  • To continue to look after our existing client base, Listening to their feedback and suggestions to make our products and services the best that they can be. If you have any suggestions yourself please get in contact with us:01375 398 398
  • Grow our client base. We are always looking to grow and introduce our products and services to new customers.
  • Introduce any new products as we may need them. This could come from one of these suggestions or a gap in the market that we have noticed.
  • Introduce any new vehicles or machinery that we may need for our yard. Our new cranes we acquired last year have been such a big help so we will be looking into other ways to help us.
  • Continue to work towards becoming a carbon neutral company. We know this is something that will not be possible overnight, and will take continuous work.


Maxi Space


Our sister company Maxi Space also had a great 2021 and we’re looking forward to making it a great 2022. We have some exciting news to announce in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye out on the Maxi Space site.