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Brand new state of the art staff welfare facilities

Author: Max Allum

27 June 2022

Staff Welfare Facilities


Our sister company Maxi Space is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of modular solutions in the UK. That is why we thought it was right to take full advantage in creating a brand new state of the art welfare facility for our yard. This is so our staff can relax and enjoy themselves on breaks to rest up.


The Benefits


We believe it is important for our staff to have a relaxing, comforting and enjoyable break room. Whether this is during a lunch break, a quick 5 minute sit down or before/after a hard days work. It is important for staff to be able to recharge and rest. This is to improve their overall wellness, create a great workplace culture and it can even help increase productivity.


Having a break is beneficial for staff both mentally and psychically. Making sure all of our emplpoyees are happy and cared for is our number 1 priority. A nice break room that encourages staff to spend time together will help to create a great working environment. Giving them a chance to bond with each other discussing non work related topics such as family. This can help create trust and improve working relationships. By creating a modern, enjoyable space for our staff shows to them that we care and want them to be happy. Ultimately this can lead to increased productivity. If the staff are happy in their work staff turn a round will be lowered. Giving staff somewhere to recharge can help regain their focus on their tasks.


With our new and improved staff room we can help to make sure breaks for our team are as relaxing as possible which in turn will bring benefits for all. It is important to us for our staff to enjoy this rest area and for them to actively want to spend time there. Something which we believe we have made possible with our state of the art Maxi Space facilities.

The Building


We felt it was important to take advantage of our Maxi Space facilities. It would not feel right having this amazing product and not letting staff gain the benefits. With our Maxi Space resources, we have created a state of the art 8 bay building. The spacious building includes everything you would expect in a top class breakroom. Such as kitchen and canteen areas, toilets, changing rooms (with lockers and showers) along with leisure facilities with TV’s and Wi-Fi, possibly even a pool or ping pong table to come in the future. We have been open to suggestions from our staff asking them what they would like as the area is for them after all. This will be the first of many projects to help improve staff facilities and our working environment.

Be sure to check out Maxi Space yourself to see how they could create a bespoke break area for you. Not only are they good for break areas. Maxi Space are experts in modular solutions creating: offices, class rooms, accommodation and much much more. Get in contact with the below.







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