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Here’s why Davlav’s steel toilets could be the future for portable toilets

Author: Ian Cole

28 November 2020

Davlav’s steel WC cabin toilets aim to be a step above to their competitors in the traditional plastic portable single chemical toilet. They are a quicker, adaptable, and more hygienic solution.


These toilets are fully functioning portable toilets with a sink and running water housed in a steel cabin and capable of much more. A standalone portable chemical toilet is your classic portable loo with standard chemical waste flush system and a hand washing station.


I’ll introduce you to these steel toilets in this whilst I explore the pros and cons of each of the two types of portable toilets.


Advantages for the User


Using steel toilets proves to be a much more pleasant experience than that of a standard chemical portable toilet with only offering a plastic seat. It is a much more pleasurable experience all round with an actual toilet bowl and a sink with running water they are well lit with temperature control not letting them get too hot or too cold, which season depending can sometime be the case with single portable units. They are bigger and more ventilated meaning it will be much easier to get rid of any potential smells. Comfort and the toilet experience are an important factor to consider, as it will lead to customer and staff satisfaction which can in turn lead to repeat custom and a more efficient workforce.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Cleanliness & Hygiene should always be a top priority especially when talking about toilets and although single portable toilets offer a high level of this (with weekly services included) the steel toilets are a step above. As they are connected to a main water supply flushing couldn’t be easier with waste being disposed of immediately keeping them clean and minimising odours. This also helps with hand washing with warm water from a proper built in sink proving to be a nicer experience for the user meaning they are more likely to make sure their hands are washed thoroughly. The cleaning of these also couldn’t be any easier with anti-slip vinyl flooring and ceramic toilet bowls meaning they can be simply bleached and wiped down. They are much harder to be accessed by a general member of the public which adds to them keeping clean with less use.


The steel toilet cabins are versatile with their being the option of a portable shower block too, these can be linked up and come in different sizes according to your needs (e.g. with multiple toilets or combined with a shower cubicle). Every toilet and shower also have the option for disabled access. Although there is still the option for a plastic single portable shower unit, they along with the toilets do not possess the capabilities to be combined.


Advantages for the Suppliers


With the current climate crisis, we’ve all got to do our bit to help the planet where we can. Steel toilets are great for this, they are way more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. They have double glazing and improved insulation with huge energy saving potential. They are made from reusable materials such as Steel-clad. One of the most recyclable materials at 88% rather than plastic at 9%. They also have a longer life span. Meaning they won’t need to be constantly created and replaced.  The toilets require less deliveries and do not need a weekly service. This means less pollution due to the reduced travel times of trucks on the road.

Running Costs

We are all looking to save money where we can. Although a steel toilet may be a more expensive option than a plastic portable toilet, they have reduced running costs. This means they could be more cost effective in a long-term situation. This plays in with the environmentally friendly factor. As it is the same reasons that keep the costs low that keep them eco-friendly. That being; the double-glazed windows and the improved insulation all adding to long term savings. As mentioned due to their durability and steel container they have longer lives. They will not be damaged as easily meaning there is less chance, they will have to be repaired or replaced.


With them being made out of steel rather than plastic these toilets offer a lot more safety and protection. You do not need to worry about coming in and having your day ruined immediately by seeing a toilet tipped on its side or gone completely. The steel blocks are vandal resistant meaning any vandals or thief will struggle to move or damage the units. They will not even be able to enter them without the key.


Steel toilets are a lot easier on the eye and nicer to look at. They can come in a range of sleek customisable designs to suit your needs. As mentioned, they offer a degree of customisation. Customers are able to choose the sizes and what’s in them (having disabled access, two toilets or showers). They also have more design options than your plastic portable toilet. There is the option to choose from a range of colours in order to fit in with any environment. As well a range of exterior finishing options such as company logos.


Why Choose a Plastic chemical toilet over a steel?

There are many reasons for choosing a steel over a plastic single chemical toilet. Although this does not mean there isn’t a time and a place for them to still exist. They even have the upper hand on steel toilets on occasions.

A factor which could perhaps turn people off the idea of a steel rather than a single plastic toilet would be that they are not as portable. They are not as easy to maneuver due to their heavier, bulkier frames. An issue if in an environment where the toilets are having to be moved on a regular basis. To move they could then become an hindrance and not very time efficient. Although they are easily delivered the same way on the back of a truck with a quick set up time. They are not as easy to transport whilst on site as can not be moved by hand.


The other key advantage that plastic toilets have over steel toilets is that they do not have to be connected to a mains water supply. Although this is a huge positive for the steel toilets meaning they have access to fresh running water. It also means there is a limitation of where they can be placed. Plastic single chemical toilets however can be positioned anywhere. Therefore are a great alternative when the situation may call for them to be place far away for a mains water supply.


In Conclusion

Davlav’s steel toilets do look to be a step up compared the plastic portable single chemical toilets. There are many reasons pointing to the fact that why are indeed an upgrade and better option. However, this is not the case for every situation. With it being possible that a plastic toilet would be most suitable for specific needs.

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