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HVO Transition plan – Important Information For Our Customers

Author: Max Allum

20 April 2022

HVO Transition


From 1st April 2022, all our generator powered equipment will be supplied with HVO Green fuel.
This is because from the 1st April 2022 it will no longer be legal to use red diesel for non-road mobile machinery
including mobile generators on construction sites. In order to comply with this new government legislation, we will be supplying our units with a tank of Green D HVO (Enhanced Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). This is a fossil-free, paraffinic fuel made from 100% renewable materials.


How will this new legislation affect customers using our units?


We appreciate that this change enforced by the government is going to take some time to adapt to. It will change the way customers have to return our generator driven units. We want to make this transition as easy and painless as possible. This is why we have produced this simple guide as to how we need to work together to ensure we both comply…


Units on hire BEFORE the 1st April 2022


If a customer has a unit that has been hired out with us before the 1st April 2022 then we would ask that when the time comes to off hire that they either;

1. Return with the fuel tank completely empty
– we will still charge you the cost for a tank of
red diesel (at the price quoted on your original

2.Replenished the tank with Green D HVO
(or white diesel)


Grace period

In order to give our customers the opportunity to communicate these changes to their workforce (and get used to the changes in legislation), any off hires made prior to the 1st May 2022 that come back with red diesel in the tanks will be accepted with no cleaning charge. However, after 1st May 2022, if a unit is returned with red diesel in the tank, a cleaning fee will be charged as outlined below.


Units on hire AFTER the 1st April 2022


From the 1st April 2022 every unit leaving the depot will be supplied with a full tank of Green D HVO. This ensures both the customer and Davlav are compliant with the new legislation. When returning a unit, customers will need to ensure the tank is replenished with Green D HVO or white diesel.

How to get Green D HVO


Getting Green D HVO is easy – our units will carry supply boxes of HVO and if customers need more they can just call and we will have more with you within 24 hours.

Testing units for Red Diesel


As part of our off hire procedure, we will be testing the fuel tank. This is to ensure it has not been contaminated with red diesel. So it is important customers do not put red diesel in the tank at any time.

What if a unit is returned with red diesel in the tank?


If a unit comes back with red diesel in the tank or our tests find it has been contaminated with red diesel whilst in a customers care, we will charge a cleaning fee to:


  • Empty the tank
  • Dispose of the red diesel
  • Clean the tank
  • Flush the engine
  • Change the engine filters


Download the PDF document here.