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Product spotlight videos – Check out all of our top products

Author: Max Allum

22 September 2021

Product Spotlight – Video Series

We have recently created a series of product spotlight videos. This is to show off their key features. We feel it is important to have visual representation when you view them on our site to get a better understanding of how they work and to see their dimensions. I will link you to each of the videos below.

Single Chemical Toilet –

This is our staple product, what we are most known for. In the video we highlight all the key aspects you will want and need in a portable toilet. Showing off the toilet, hand washing station with running water and its ventilation.

Hot Water Hand Wash Toilet –

The hot water hand wash shares many of the key features as the single chemical toilet. However, it is possible for it to be connected to mains power (in 2 different voltages). This power gives the ability to be able to create warm water making for a more sanitised and enjoyable experience for the user.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet –

The video for the wheelchair accessible toilet displays all the factors which make it so. It shows the bigger size to be able to fit in wheelchairs as well as the hand railing. This all along with your typical toilet features.

Double Steel Mains Toilet –

This product; the double mains toilet is one of our newest. So was especially important to show off all of its features visually. We wanted to show how these toilets are a clear step above our chemical toilets, in order for a more luxurious, sanitary, and enjoyable experience for the user. These toilets have a stainless-steel flooring, ceramic bowls and sinks with fresh flush and water temperature control. They have heating, LED lights too.

Fusion Static Welfare Unit (SW6100) –

It was important to show the welfare units through video as they have soo many features that images may not do them justice. Through the video you can clearly see all of the different areas the welfare units have to offer. This being the fully equipped bathroom, generator/drying room, kitchen, canteen and changing room.

Fusion Static Welfare Unit (SWO7600) –

The 7600 is very similar to the 6100 it is just a bigger size holding more people and with an extra area. This area would be the office space, which is shown in the video.

Mobile Welfare Unit –

The mobile welfare unit comes in a smaller size than the static units. This is because it is easily transportable around any work site. It simply just needs to be attached to another vehicle. The video shows just how easily and quickly the unit can be put in place.

Portable Office –

The video for the portable office shows the unit as furnished in order to get a feel for the size of the space. It shows off the key features such as being mains connected, having heating, a notice board and PIR light sensors. It also shows how the offices are available in different sizes depending on your needs.

Site Canteen –

The site canteen highlights all of the features. These being the heating, coat hooks, sink with warm water and the PIR light sensors. Like the other units the canteen comes in different sizes, this is demonstrated in the video.

Storage Container –

The video shows that the storage containers can also come in different sizes. It highlights how spacious, safe, secure and anti-vandal they all are.

For all of the products there are useful information slides at the end showing the dimensions, widths, weights and any other details that may be necessary.

We have be making more and more video content as of lately and will continue to do so. Look out for videos in the future taking a look at some of the other services we supply.