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10 reasons why you would choose a portable toilet block over a portable single chemical toilet

Author: Ian Cole

21 October 2020

Over the past 27 years we have been active here at Davlav, we have been working hard to make our name synonymous with standalone portable chemical toilets. In recent years however we have seen the emergence in demand for portable toilet blocks and we can see why, with them offering many benefits that a standalone portable toilet cannot.


A standalone portable chemical toilet is your classic portaloo with standard chemical waste flush system and a hand washing station.  A modular portable toilet block works as fully functioning bathrooms with them coming in a self-contained unit. They can contain recirculating toilets, sinks, urinals and showers; they are connectable to mains with hot water, lighting and heating.


Whether you are running a worksite (construction, development and engineering industry, including: railway, telecom and utility companies and security contractors), outdoor event or any business needing toilet facilities it is good to know the options you have and the benefits to these when deciding what is right for you, with there of course being both positive and negatives to each of these. I thought I would take this opportunity to run through the advantages of modular portable toilet blocks with 10 reasons why they may be the future of this industry.


  1. Environmentally Friendly
    With the current climate crisis, we’ve all got to do our bit to help the planet where we can, and the portable toilet blocks are a way of doing this. Davlavs eco portable toilet blocks are environmentally friendly with energy saving electrics, double glazing and improved insulation with the potential energy saving total of up to 73%. They are made from reusable materials such as Steelclad, one of the most recyclable materials at 88% rather than plastic at 9%. They also have a longer shelf life with them lasting longer meaning they won’t need to be constantly created.  They require less deliveries and do not need a weekly service meaning less pollution due to the reduced travel times.


  1. Reduced Running Cost
    We are all looking to save money where we can and although a portable toilet block may be a more expensive option than a standalone portable toilet, they have reduced running costs. This plays in with the environmentally friendly factor as it is the same reasons that keep the costs low that keep them eco-friendly with that being; the energy saving electrics, double glazed windows and the improved insulation all adding to long term savings.


  1. Cleanliness & Hygiene
    Cleanliness & Hygiene should always be a top priority especially when talking about toilets and although single portable toilets offer a high level of this (with weekly services included) the toilet blocks are a step above. As they are connected to a main water supply flushing couldn’t be easier with waste being disposed of immediately keeping them clean and minimising odours. This also helps with hand washing with warm water from a proper built in sink proving to be a nicer experience for the user meaning they are more likely to make sure their hands are washed thoroughly. The cleaning of these also couldn’t be any easier with anti-slip vinyl flooring and ceramic toilet bowls meaning they can be simply bleached and wiped down. They are much harder to be accessed by a general member of the public which adds to them keeping clean with less use.


  1. Comfort
    Maybe quite an obvious point but comfort levels on toilet blocks and much higher than that of the single plastic toilets with them only offering a plastic seat. It is a much more pleasurable experience all round being well lit with temperature control not letting them get too hot or too cold, which season depending can sometime be the case with single portable units. They are bigger and more ventilated meaning it will be much easier to get rid of any potential smells. Comfort and the toilet experience are an important factor to consider, as it will lead to customer and staff satisfaction which can in turn lead to repeat custom and a more efficient workforce.


  1. Legal Working Environment
    The legal landscape on what working conditions are adequate on sites is ever changing and who knows where it will end up. As mentioned, the toilet blocks offer more comfort and hygiene so who knows they may end up legally having to be the only option.


  1. Protection
    The portable toilet blocks offer a lot more safety and protection as you do not need to worry about coming into work and seeing one tipped on its side or gone completely. The steel blocks are vandal resistant meaning any vandals or thief will struggle to move or damage the units and will not even be able to enter them without the key.


  1. Longevity
    They will ultimately last longer than a single portable toilet meaning they are great if needed for an extended period of time or even permanent use. The longevity is due to them being extremely durable and as previously mentioned they offer more protection.


  1. Just as portable
    A factor which could perhaps turn people off the idea of a block rather than a single toilet would be the thinking that they are not as portable and perhaps difficult to set up. This however is not the case; they are easily delivered the same way on the back of a truck with a quick set up time, ready for use almost immediately.


  1. Variety
    As the toilet blocks are not just toilets but offer sinks and urinals too it means they can come in a variety of ranges with a degree of customisation and option. They are available in a range of specifications and building types and can be provided with separate compartments to isolate male and female use


  1. Not just a toilet
    Due to their versatility the toilet blocks are do not simply have to be just toilets they can come with shower compartments to provide an efficient and hygienic area for on-site showering. They can also be placed with our mobile offices, canteens and welfare units having everything you possibly need on site together.


It is clear that the portable toilet blocks offer many advantages that a portable single chemical toilet cannot. This is not however to say there isn’t a place and a time for them as there are still many instances where you would choose one.

If you are considering either option be sure to check out our full in range in the brochure below.