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Back to lockdown, what does this mean for us?

Author: Ian Cole

22 November 2020

The UK is set to go back into another lockdown due to an unfortunate rise in cases again, so far it is looking like it will only be a month as long as everyone follows the rules. But we all know it could end up being a lot longer if last time is anything to go by. This time around schools and universities will remain open and once again construction sites will too.

We were lucky enough that we were able to remain open during the first lockdown. Throughout this year Davlav and construction sites have been learning to live and work safely. The virus has made us all change our ways in order for us to be able to still operate. We all need to stick to these changes to remain safe and open.

To battle the virus we have been following many new cleaning and social distance practises. Such as hand sanitiser stations throughout the site to encourage and increase hand washing.  Sites have also increased number of toilets and facilities to help with social distancing. This has avoided queues and over congestion in those areas. Once again, our office staff will be working from home but our yard will remain open. The yard must remain open in order for us to supply all of our customers. Through this lockdown we will continue to help stop the spread by offering a full range of products and services. If you are a construction site looking for products/services to help you adapt be sure to get in contact with us, to see how we can help.

Earlier this year we wrote a white paper on ‘Protecting Our Construction Industry’. This contained all the advice needed on how to keep construction sites Covid safe. You can also view this in the form of a blog post here. We created this order to help our industry to stay open and safe during these lockdowns and beyond.