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Product spotlight: Portable Storage Containers

Author: Max Allum

28 November 2022

Storage Containers


One product which many customers may not know we stock is our mobile storage containers. This is a product that is be beneficial and needed by many of our customers.


Portable storage containers are used on sites where specialist equipment, tools & machinery need to be stored securely, safe from theft or vandalism. Secure storage containers form a vital part of large construction and building projects. So it is important they are there throughout the duration of the project. This is why when you hire a storage container it can be for short-term or long-term use.


Hiring from us.


When you hire site storage, it is essential that you discuss your precise needs with your us. Such as the equipment that will need to be stored and available space. This way we can work with you to determine what size mobile storage container is best for you or how many you may need. We stock containers in various sizes. These being in, 8 ft, 10 ft or 20 ft. It is always a good idea to discuss security with us as padlocks can also be made available upon request. Our modern and portable storage containers are secure and robust with anti-vandal features. They are all easily transported directly from our yard to your site.

Useful Infomation



Dimensions2440 (L) x 2440 (W) x 2590 (H) (mm)

Gross Weight1000 kg


Dimensions3050 (L) x 2440 (W) x 2590 (H) (mm)

Gross Weight1200 kg


Dimensions6100 (L) x 2440 (W) x 2590 (H) (mm)

Gross Weight1800 kg


Davlav is a market leader in the world of site accommodation suppliers in the UK with more than 25 years of experience delivering grade ‘A’ portable storage containers across the nation.


The below video demonstrates our storage containers. Highlighting some of the products key features.


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