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We have switched to Syrinx – Our new hire and operating system

Author: Max Allum

27 August 2022

Syrinx – Our new hire and operating system


We have recently had a big internal change. We have now changed to a new operating and hire system. This being Point Of Rental’s Syrinx. The goal for this is to make our day to day operations easier and more efficient for everyone involved at Davlav. From our office staff, to our yard workers, drivers and then customers. We wanted to have one system that could deal with all of our needs to help the business run as smoothly as possible.


With Syrinx we can run our entire operation. Including our hires, sales, invoicing, fleets, stock, purchasing, staff and more.  Each department has access to their own area, within the software, customizing it to their own needs. The customizable nature of Syrinx is an aspect which strongly drew us to it. As each area of the business has their own wants and needs with a system like this.


An issue we had to overcome was the implementation and switching from our previous operating software. It wasn’t an easy one and it took several months. By taking our time we was able to adapt completely and move over all of our information. The team at Syrinx have been extremely helpful and we couldn’t be more grateful to all of the hard work they have put in to help us with this switch. We have had multiple training days with employees. They offer us continual support in all areas, and are just a phone call away.


Overall it felt like a long time coming. But we are glad to finally be on one cohesive hire and operating system that is beneficial and efficient for all areas of the company.



Make sure you take a look at Syrinx yourself – Syrinx

They offer:

  • Smart management
  • Better bookkeeping
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Going paperless
  • Stock/asset insight
  • Operated Hire

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