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Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire Portable Toilets for Your Event

Author: Max Allum

20 January 2021

Whether you are holding an event for 100,000 people or 10, one factor which must not be overlooked in the organisation of the event is the toilets. This is why today I will list the top 10 reasons why they are essential. Portable toilets are the perfect solution to a whole range of outdoor events including;

  • Weddings and parties – In outside areas such as farms, they may require more luxury portable toilets with warm water and possible even showers.
  • Sporting Events – Such as marathons and bike races, toilets will be needed for the athletes and supporters.
  • Music Festivals – An important one in making sure there is enough in order to not cause any long queues where people will miss the show.
  • Community Events – This could be for fetes or holiday celebrations.

Having adequate toilet facilities will bring many advantages to you, your staff and your customers.

We here at Davlav are the UK’s leading suppliers of portable toilets and welfare units, with over 27 years of experience we are experts and specialise in portable toilets and sanitation for events as well as construction. I will take you through 10 benefits of hiring a portable toilet for your next event whatever it may be.

  1. Cost Effective

The alternative to hiring a portable toilet is to permanently build one which would be considerably more expensive. This obviously for most events would not be sensible due to their short lengths of duration. The bigger the event the more toilet facilities would be needed taking the cost of the event up an incredible amount. Davlav also offers weekly servicing meaning the cost of a third party would not be needed to clean the toilets.

  1. Save Time

Building a toilet block would also cost a great deal of time to plan and create, time which is almost completely cut out with simply hiring portable toilets. They take next to no time in setting up and are easily transported if needed to be moved. Time will be better spent elsewhere in your event with many other factors needing to be organised, hiring portable toilets will afford you this time.

  1. Comfort and Cleanliness

The comfort and cleanness of your guests will be a key priority for you no matter how many there are, portable toilets are not an area which you need to worry about. Of course, depending on what type of toilet you choose will depend on the level of comfort. We offer a wide range with warm water toilets to full bathroom blocks with standard toilets like you find at home.

  1. Hygiene and Sanitation

These toilets should be regularly checked up on and cleaned. Keeping them well maintained helps to keep the hygiene and sanitation levels of your event to a high standard for your guests. The more toilets you have will lead to less queues. Which in turn could lead to guests going to the toilet elsewhere on site. This would make the place unhygienic and unsafe, which could lead to unwanted bacteria and diseases.

All our products come with the option of weekly servicing to ensure the toilets are emptied and kept as hygienic as they possibly can.

  1. Legal Requirements

Of course, this is all depending on the size and kind of event you are running. But the law legally requires you to supply toilet and hygiene facilities for your guests. There are several requirements that must be met. For example the number of toilets required will vary depending on the amount of people at your event.

  1. Convenience

They are convenient for you and as you do not need to commit to a permanent static block being built. You only have to have them for the duration of your event.  Then you do not need to worry about them again. They are easily set up and removed. This will save you a lot of hassle, not having to worry about them as Davlav sorting this for you. Maintaining these to a clean level is also super easy and takes a lot less time than cleaning a regular toilet.

  1. Environment

Everyone is looking to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit to help the environment, no matter how big or small it all helps. Portable toilets are a way of doing this, they can help in several ways, as they do not have much impact on the environment with them not wasting running water. This is something you can show off to your guest about.

  1. Covid

We are living through a pandemic all learning to adapt to Covid and the various rules and regulations. Such as social distancing and wearing masks to keep everybody safe. When events do start to make a comeback, toilets are something which need to be considered due to Covid.

More toilets may be needed in order to avoid any queues or congestion around the area. The toilets will also need to be cleaned and emptied more often. A one-way system should also be implemented so that event goers do not have to pass each other. At Davlav we have several different toilet options that can help fight Covid. Along with our other products such as hand washing and sanitising stations. Check out the blog post we made ‘Here’s how event sanitation will be affected by Covid’. This will help with further ways you can keep your events Covid safe in the future.

  1. Accessibility

You will need to make sure you have toilets available for all different kinds of guests. For example you will want disabled toilets to make sure no one is felt excluded. As well as making sure you have some unisex toilets. You will want to cater the best you can to accommodate your guests needs.

  1. Portable

Portable toilets take up very little space and most importantly are portable so can be placed wherever best suited. There is a whole range of different types of portable toilets you can get that Davlav supply. This includes regular toilets, disabled toilets, warm water and toilet blocks.

If putting on any kind of outdoor event it is obvious that getting some portable toilets is a must due to all the benefits they bring. If you are looking to hire portable toilets for your event then be sure to get in contact with us here. To find out how we can help you with our full range of products and service. We are sure to be able to advise you on what you need.